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Patricia and Phillip Frost Science Museum

Patricia and Phillip Frost Science Museum

Sea Turtle Nesting Diorama and Jellyfish Jars

Embarking on a mission to meld art and marine conservation, Atomic Carrots recently unveiled its latest masterpiece at the Frost Science Museum in Miami, Florida—a captivating diorama featuring turtles emerging from their eggs. The details of this creation breathe life into the Marine Gallery, offering visitors an immersive experience that goes beyond aesthetics.

At the heart of this project is our strictly process, ensuring the realism and educational impact of the exhibit. The turtles, skillfully crafted using 3D printing technology, undergo a unique transformation. Submerged in warm water, the plastic softens, allowing us to reposition each turtle. Hand-painted to perfection, the result is a visually stunning representation that transports viewers to the awe-inspiring moment of turtle hatching.

But the intricacy doesn't end there. The diorama's box houses two jars—one containing a plastic bag and the other, sadly, a deceased jellyfish. This intentional similarity serves a vital purpose in highlighting a critical environmental issue. Turtles, unable to discern between plastics and their natural prey, may ingest harmful materials, endangering their digestive systems. It's a sobering commentary on the impact of marine debris, a topic close to our hearts at Atomic Carrots.

The Sea Turtle Nesting Diorama and Jellyfish Jars project stands as a testament to the power of creativity to shape minds and evoke a sense of wonder. As our work takes its place within the Frost Science Museum, we celebrate not only the artistry involved but the potential to leave an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of those who walk through the gallery doors. It's a reminder that art, in its various forms, has the capacity to transcend boundaries and connect us to the beauty and importance of the natural world.

This isn't the first time we've delved into marine conservation through art. Collaborations with Padre Island National Seashore and Biscayne National Park have allowed us to address the issue of marine debris from various angles, raising awareness and inspiring change.

The Sea Turtle Diorama isn't just a static exhibit; it's a call to action. It urges visitors to contemplate the consequences of plastic pollution on marine life and consider their role in safeguarding our oceans. Atomic Carrots remains committed to using creativity as a powerful tool for education and conservation, hoping that our art not only captivates but also sparks a collective responsibility for the well-being of our planet's delicate ecosystems.