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Retail Branding

What a retail store places on their shelves is a reflection of the institution’s personality. Continue the same experience and engagement by hiring us to design and create short run retail products. We promise to create unique and memorable merchandise that will draw loyal customers.

Tailored for your institution, our retail merchandise designs are fun and worth gifting. We can create merchandise that highlights your museum’s collection, are exhibit centric, or even school-group focused.

Why choose us 

Our shop is equipped to fabricate small runs which means USA made, high quality items with low minimum orders. By working with us, you’ll have more control over the design and functionality of your merchandise. This provides for specific marketing opportunities by including you logo, social media tags and storyline. 

  • Imagine:
  • Limited Edition Merchandise
  • Collection Inspired Merchandise
  • Exhibit Centered Merchandise
  • School-group Goodie Bags
  • Holiday Focused Products
  • Shop Capabilities
  • Laser Etching and Cutting 
  • UV Wide Format Printing 
  • CNC Wood machining 
  • Aluminum Casting
  • Textile Printing and Cutting

We want to know more about YOU!  We'd love to chat about your ideas and upcoming projects.