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Hi! A Bit About Us

Nora Pinell-Hernandez, MA

Founding Creative Director 

I’m mildly allergic to carrots – but I still love eating them because they remind me of when my mom would buy giant bags of carrots to juice when I was a child. It d. Museums house answers to both the past and future, and to connect to those answers I use the act of play because play is universal and inherently human.was a special concoction she would give my sister and I to improve our vision. Not only do I feel as if carrots are nourishing my eyes which is the primary sense I use to gain knowledge but I also enjoy the tingly sensation in my tongue. For me, carrots symbolize the synergy between a physical stimulation and the cultivation of my mind and spirit.

That’s why I created Atomic Carrots – because I want to create opportunities for museum patrons to experience that same sensation of feeling nourished and cultivate interactives in the story results in a transformative exhibit in which patrons create strong connections with the concept. 


Our Face Shield Design Is Now Open-Sourced

Jun 08, 2021 Nora Pinell-Hernandez

Our production of specialty face shields is slowing to an end. We began making them because of the shortage of PPE and then created shields for dental hygienists because we received a lot of requests to do so. Over the past couple of months we have tweaked the design and feel comfortable sharing our method of fabrication. The supplies list, design files and instructions to make both the visor and screens of our much loved Extended V2 and Extra Extended V2 can now be accessed on Instructables.

2021 ATALM Directory of Contractors Vendors

Feb 05, 2021 Nora Pinell-Hernandez

We made it on ATALM's (Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, & Museums) 2021 Directory of Contractors, Consultants and Vendors. Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, & Museums. This is a great honor because vendors have to demonstrate that they have experience working with Native American Tribes (which we do!).

Sun Sentinel Shout-Out

May 20, 2020 Nora Pinell-Hernandez

We were added to the list of businesses helping during COVID-19! Find us under "Repurposing". It is a great honor to be among other small businesses trying to do their part to flatten the curve in our South Florida community. Check it out here


Read about our year-long mission to bring reusable face shields to health professionals here.

We want to know more about YOU!  We'd love to chat about your ideas and upcoming projects.