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Hi! A Bit About Us

Nora Pinell-Hernandez, MA

Founding Creative Director 

I’m mildly allergic to carrots – but I still love eating them because they remind me of when my mom would buy giant bags of carrots to juice when I was a child. It d. Museums house answers to both the past and future, and to connect to those answers I use the act of play because play is universal and inherently human.was a special concoction she would give my sister and I to improve our vision. Not only do I feel as if carrots are nourishing my eyes which is the primary sense I use to gain knowledge but I also enjoy the tingly sensation in my tongue. For me, carrots symbolize the synergy between physical stimulation and the cultivation of my mind and spirit.

That’s why I created Atomic Carrots – because I want to create opportunities for museum patrons to experience that same sensation of feeling nourished and cultivate interactives in the story resulting in a transformative exhibit in which patrons create strong connections with the concept. 

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Cheska Lyn Domondon

Chaos Coordinator
(954) 228-3683

Welcome to my corner of curiosity! I'm Cheska, a passionate Tourism student from the vibrant Philippines. History holds a special place in my heart, and if time travel were a reality, I'd be the first to explore the wonders of the past.Having wandered through the halls of Manila's museums and beyond, my journey led me to Atomic Carrots. Here, work isn't just a task; it's an adventure of learning and rediscovery.

At Atomic Carrots, we embrace the art of 'Reviving the Past, Crafting the Future.' Join us in a fascinating voyage where history comes alive in impeccable detail. Let's explore the wonders of bygone eras together!

Autumn Taylor

Exhibit Design and Drafting Intern

Erika Vargas

Graphic Designer

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