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Marshall County Historical Museum Transportation Gallery

Marshall County Historical Museum Transportation Gallery

Atomic Carrots is proud to unveil an immersive transformation of a former banquet hall into a captivating gallery that narrates Marshall County's rich transportation history. The re-designed space, aptly named the Transportation Gallery, takes visitors on a journey through time, offering a poignant and educational experience.

The first section, aptly titled "Origins," pays homage to the Potawatomi people, the original inhabitants of the region. Central to this tribute is a meticulously crafted wigwam, serving as a poignant representation of traditional Potawatomi homes. Positioned against window panels adorned with a picturesque fall forest, printed on translucent vinyl, the setting not only captures the essence of the Potawatomi's dwellings but also the challenging weather they faced during the forced removal from their lands.

Collaborating closely with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center, we were honored to incorporate their valuable insights, text, and images into the Origins section. The Cultural Heritage Center's contribution not only enhances the authenticity of the exhibit but also ensures a respectful representation of the Potawatomi's history.

An innovative touch to the gallery is the custom-designed reading rails, strategically placed to guide visitors through the narratives seamlessly. The title of each storyline is displayed perpendicular to the wall, reminiscent of a train station sign, subtly emphasizing the overarching theme of transportation that runs through Marshall County's history.

Beyond aesthetic appeal, the Transportation Gallery stands as a testament to Atomic Carrots' commitment to blending creativity with historical accuracy. By transforming this space, we aim to not only preserve Marshall County's transportation legacy but also provide a thought-provoking experience that resonates with visitors, fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnected threads of history that have shaped the region.




Biscayne National Park Project

Biscayne National Park Project

Welcome to the Dante Fascell Visitor Center at Biscayne National Park, where the beauty of the ocean meets the harsh reality of marine debris. Atomic Carrots brings you an immersive marine debris exhibit, inviting visitors to a unique experience with a beautiful blue wave as the backdrop. But this is no ordinary wave – it carries a message.

Collected by dedicated volunteers, the debris within the wave represents a global issue, underscoring the theme of a unified ocean. As you sit on the bench and immerse yourself in the scene, you'll discover the true essence of the exhibit lies in acknowledging the presence of scattered debris, a stark reminder of the challenges our oceans face.

Our prominently displayed educational panel serves as a powerful tool, enlightening visitors about the origins and dire consequences of marine debris on animals and the environment. Motivating guests to take three proactive measures, the exhibit aims to instill a sense of stewardship and empower individuals to prevent the infiltration of marine debris into our waterways.

Join us in this educational journey, where awareness turns into action, and each visitor becomes a steward of the ocean. The interpretive panel, thoughtfully translated into Spanish, ensures that the message resonates with diverse audiences. Let's work together to protect Biscayne National Park and contribute to a cleaner, healthier ocean for generations to come.